In any sporting endeavour ‘food is fuel’ but it is also a whole lot more than that.  Consistently producing champions requires ensuring they have the right food to complement their training and performance. 

We ask a lot from our dogs, expecting them to work in all weathers, often in demanding conditions.  For that, they need to be at their peak in physical and mental fitness.  We’ve always believed in putting the best in to get the very best out, and that philosophy runs not only throughout our training and breeding programmes, but also in the way that we feed our dogs too.

After extensive research, several years ago, we came across ORIJEN and ACANA biologically appropriate foods.  A biologically appropriate diet mirrors the same balance and variety of ingredients that would be eaten in the wild (including meat, bone, fat, organs and vegetables) and is designed to match the digestive capability of dogs.  Applied to dry foods, the concept means higher protein, moderate fat, low carbohydrate foods that contain a high proportion of animal ingredients that are processed as little as possible.

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